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Lifetime learner


ONE OF MY MOST DIVERSE JOBS—FROM 2005 TO 2008—was working for the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation, a non-profit environmental organization. In four years I contributed substantially to the re-formation and growth of the organization. I am proud of my achievements across a variety of mission-critical tasks. Continued


MAPMAKING IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS TO DO: partially because I know that good maps can tell a story in a compact form, but partially because it allows me to see hidden patterns and unexpected oddities. Mapmaking also allows me to express myself artistically. Continued


GREAT COMMUNITIES ARE POSSIBLE WHEN PEOPLE COMMUNICATE. And great communication happens when people from diverse backgrounds, with varied experiences, join together to renew their commitment to the places where they live, work and play. Continued


I ENJOY READING HISTORY because the world as I know it today is so completely different than the world of a hundred years ago, that it's almost like reading fiction. And yet the story of the human condition—our hopes, our struggles, and our inevitable death—is timeless. By reading the accounts of those who tread the Earth before me, I learn things about myself, our society and the natural environment. Continued


IT'S EASY TO CAPTURE THE PEOPLE, PLACES, AND EVENTS of our lives with today's high-resolution digital cameras. But having your camera ready at the right moment, and taking the time to compose your shot, and following up with a good system of organization and publication, all take discipline. I've gone through a learning process with all of these, and have developed a few best practices to help keep photography a joy. Continued


THE ARC OF MY CAREER HAS BEEN DEFINED BY THE RISE OF THE COMPUTER AGE. From my earliest software jobs in 1976 until today, I've always kept abreast of the latest in software languages, development tools, computer science theories, and professional practices. Continued